Thanks COVID-19; for nothing!

So, how is your 2020 going? I bet most of you did that year end thing towards the end of last year of making resolutions for 2020. And although Covid-19 was on the radar, like myself, no one was ready for what came next. Travel bans, whole cities shutting down, people dying from this new disease that has paralyzed society as we know it. I didn’t make any resolutions per se, but I did have some travel plans for the summer. I had planned to go back down to Kansas City, go out to Omaha, and later in the summer swing out to Deadwood, South Dakota. But all of that and my weekends of visiting with my mother and father in laws for some fishing are all on the shelf. On the bright side, I am starting a new hobby. I am getting into photography. I love taking pictures and it’s just a natural progression I suppose to take it to the next level. I purchased a Canon EOS rebel and am in the process of playing with the different lenses and settings and practicing taking shots of streams, birds, signs and mostly of my son. Also, since my wife and I were gifted with the opportunity to work from home, we decided it would be an awesome time to get a new pet so we adopted a dog. His name is Sidney and he was one of a litter of 9 pups that we adopted from a shelter called Warrior Dogs. He’s been with us for about a month or so now and we just love him. He’s a Lab/Terrier and loves to eat grass. Well, that’s about it for now. I just wanted to give you all an update since I haven’t posted anything for a while now. Take care and be safe.

New Adventures

Don’t you just love trying new things? Going rock climbing, or parachuting out of an airplane sounds exciting! Well I have decided on something a lot less dramatic. I am now an affiliate with Amazon. Why Amazon, you’re probably wondering? Well, for starters they are like a giant warehouse that has thousands of products to try. And, if you are a prime member you get even better deals.

Save 30.0% on select products from Dogswell with promo code 30SOFT, through 3/31 while supplies last.

The link above is for a product for dog treats by a company called Dogswell. Ok now you’re wondering why on Earth is he talking about dog treats, right? Well, because my family and I have decided to adopt a dog and I have been looking at different products that I thought would be good for her. This product seemed to be to be one of the top products out there. And their are designed with no gluten for petesake!

So if you are in the market for some treats for your dog that have some good benefits like helping with their skin and coat, or for older dogs their hips and joints, click on the link above for a limited time offer and save 30%! But you better hurry because with treats this good and deals this great, these products are flying off the shelves!!!

One more thing. I haven’t tried these myself yet because I don’t have a dog at the time I am posting this. However I did do some research on it and found this website, Consumer Affairs, that has reviews of people that have tried it. Now as with all products, there are good reviews and not so good ones so you will have to check them out and make the final decision yourself on if you want to try Dogwells’ treats. Check out the link and see some of the reviews. I do plan on using them once we do get our dog!!

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