Excuse me, can you wash your hands first?

I walked up to the meat counter of a small grocery store and saw no one behind the counter. As I looked into the back area, through the glass doors and windows, I saw a guy sweeping the floor. As I waited and watched he finally looked up and noticed me. He came out and grabbed a pair of plastic gloves to put on while asking what I needed. I, in as polite a manner as I could muster, asked him if he would wash his hands before touching a new pair of gloves. He quickly dropped the gloves he had and proceeded to wash his hands and grabbed a fresh pair of gloves to put on. Then he smiled and asked me, now how can I help you. I made my order of Sweet Italian Sausage and walked off to shop for some more items I needed.

What makes this story so special you may be wondering. This just shows how easy it is to speak up at the time something is happening and getting the results you are satisfied with instead of letting it go and posting negative remarks on social media. I am sure you’ve see those posts where a person had a bad experience at a store or restaurant and are venting on Facebook. Then all of those other horrid stories other people add in the comments. Why not just speak up at the time something happens? I did in this instance, and as you can see it actually turned out ok.

The main idea to take away from this post is to speak up now so you don’t have to vent and trash an establishment later. Believe me, it works. Ciao for now😎

Published by alsaidit

elder statesman always looking to learn something new.

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