Cracker Barrel: A touch of southern comfort.

On Friday, April 26, the 1st grade classes of my son’s school honored Grandparents by putting on a musical program. They sang songs, recited some messages, and had a slide show. His grandparents came in from out of town to attend, which made him so happy. Afterwards, we decided to all go out to lunch and my son go to pick where we went. He picked one of his favorite restaurants; Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel is a throwback themed restaurant. It was founded in 1969 in Lebanon, TN by Dan Evins. The décor is of old photos and items from early American life. They have a “General Store” that is full of candy, games, clothes, and odds and ends. It reminds you of the “olden days”, and what life was like when America was just getting started.

    As soon as we were seated our waitperson came over to our table and introduced herself, even though her name was sewn onto her apron, and took our drink orders. After she came back with the drinks and had taken our orders, my son and his Grandmother left the table to go play checkers at a table that is set up in front of the fireplace that is the centerpiece of the dining area. The table has two rocking chairs for the players to sit in, which are also available for sale.

For lunch I had the meatloaf, with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes as sides. My son had pancakes and scrambled eggs, while my mother and father in laws had the open-faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. The meatloaf at Cracker Barrel is awesome. You get a healthy serving and it is so tender and juicy. Their mac and cheese is really delicious as well, so creamy and cheesy. My father in law, was really impressed with the quality of the roast beef.

Our waitperson was really awesome as she visited our table on several occasions during our meal to inquire if we needed anything further and if we were satisfied with what we had. My father in law had noticed earlier that the flag at my son’s school and several others we had seen on the way to the restaurant were at half-mast. Our waitperson was able to inform us of the reason. Apparently, the Governor of Minnesota had requested it in honor of a DNR Officer that had died while on duty.

    If you have never had the opportunity to dine or visit a Cracker Barrel restaurant, I strongly suggest finding the nearest location and heading there. The atmosphere is, as I said, really a throwback to the old days, and you will be taken back to your childhood as you browse the general store’s candy and toy areas. The food will remind you of your Grandma’s cooking and the service is always given with a smile. Ta ta for now, come back again now.

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One thought on “Cracker Barrel: A touch of southern comfort.

  1. Whenever I am craving comfort food this one of the places I think of and always want to come back. Sooo good. Never had the dishes you mentioned but they sound really good from how you described them. As you mentioned, I love the little small things they added to the place like the rocking chairs and the general store which we never leave empty handed when there. Awesome review and glad you enjoyed you enjoyed yourself.


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