Tips: how much is not enough?

Ok. I just read an article on my MSN news feed that talks about how much you should tip while staying at a hotel. Now my question is, who makes this determination on how much a person should tip and for what reasons they should tip even more than usual?

I am not against tipping, it’s just that I don’t think that how much I decide to tip should be based upon what someone wrote in a book on Etiquette or in a news article. My tips are determined by me based upon the service I receive, pure and simple.

The article quoted an etiquette consultant who stated that a proper tip for a housekeeper is $3, unless there are extenuating circumstances that would cause you to leave more. Those circumstances would be something like your room being extra messy or you spilled something in the room. As for me, I see the housekeeping dept. as a vital function to the hotel industry. They work tirelessly and, in my opinion, do an awesome job whether it’s cleaning the room or responding to requests from the guests. I leave a tip of $5 per day of my stay and depending on how things were done I leave a little extra on my checkout day.

When I am at a dining establishment, whether it’s a first-class fashionable restaurant or a “hole-in-the-wall” dive, I tip according to the service I receive not on the décor or what my server looked like or was wearing. The same goes for hotels and coffee shops with those tip jars on the counter, I tip what I feel is deserved based on the interactions of the people.

Now, I am not by any means saying that this is right or wrong and I definitely am not saying that this is how “everyone” should be tip. If the service is considered by me to be mediocre, then the tip is generally going to at the minimum percentage based on the check. See, it’s all about me this time. And it should be all about you when you are leaving a tip.

The article was quoting Julia Esteve Boyd, an etiquette consultant. Now, I don’t profess to be a consultant or an expert on etiquette by any means. However, I don’t need to have attended any school of etiquette to know how much and when to leave a tip. No, I received all my training the old-fashioned way. I was taught manners and respect from my mother. And I have honed that education to where I am knowledgeable enough to know how to tip whether it’s a waitperson, housekeeper or whomever I am dealing with in a setting where tips are a part of the equation. I even learned how to tip without using cash. It’s called saying “Thank you”.

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One thought on “Tips: how much is not enough?

  1. I completely agree on the concept of not thinking that a tip should be given for standard customer service. This article was thought provoking especially in the case of your mention that, “whether it’s a first-class fashionable restaurant or a “hole-in-the-wall” dive, I tip according to the service I receive not on the décor or what my server looked like or was wearing”, I have to say I agree on this as well. But I do recall several times where the known pay is low AND their service stood out.


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