Best Shaver by far: for bald heads

    So, back in the early ‘70’s a movie came out about a black private detective named Shaft. It starred an unknown actor at the time, Richard Roundtree, as the iconic hero of a really good action movie.  The movie was received so well, that it spawned a tv show of the same name. Then, in 2000 a new Shaft movie came out and this time Samuel L. Jackson had the lead role. Well, actually this Shaft was the nephew of the earlier John Shaft.

    By now you are probably wondering what in the world does a couple of movies about a private detective have to do with a shaver for bald guys. Bare with me as I weave this tale and bring it to my topic. When Samuel L. Jackson’s character came on he had a more modern day look and feel to him. He wore turtleneck sweaters and a black full-length leather coat. But the thing that made him stand out for me was that he had a bald head.

    As Halloween of 2000 came near, I had received an invitation for a Halloween party that was being thrown by a friend of mine. As I was thinking of what I could wear, and I thought about Samuel’s character Shaft. I already had a full length leather coat that I had purchased a few years ago while working at Burlington Coat Factory and so I thought I would dress up as Shaft. I even went out and purchased a turtleneck shirt and shaved my head to complete the costume. That was the first time I had ever went bald, and I actually liked the feel and look so much that I started shaving my head on a regular basis. The biggest downfall though was that I would cut my head a lot and got bumps.

    So, over the next few years I tried almost every type of razor on the market. But it’s hard to shave your head and not get cuts. Although I loved the ease of having not to wash and comb my hair, the maintenance of keeping a bald head was making it hard.

    Recently, I was looking online on Amazon and found a shaver that was advertised for bald heads. This is the ad:

Electric Shaver Razor For Men Easy Head Shaver WMARK Beard Trimmers Hair Clippers USB Rechargeable Razor 3 blade Shavers Washable Shaving Machine


Electric Shaver Razor For Men Easy Head Shaver WMARK Beard Trimmers Hair Clippers USB Rechargeable Razor 3 blade Shavers Washable Shaving Machine

    I ordered it, it costs $29.90 and it came about 3 days later. I tried it the night it arrived and was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did it provide me a very good shave, but there were no cuts or bumps. I was really pleased with this shaver, so much in fact that I even told a co-worker of my that also wears the bald look. I am not sure if he’s tried it yet, but after 2 shaves I am proud to say that I love this shaver. It comes with an attachment that you can use to trim your beard and mustache and some extra heads for the shaver. It also has a brush to clean the heads and a usb charger cable.

    So, if you are reading this post and know of someone that is bald or is looking for a really good shaver, I highly recommend this one.

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