Las Tortillas: for some authentic Mexican cuisine

    My wife and I love authentic Mexican food. Our usual spot for this treat is a restaurant in Apple Valley, MN called Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant. It’s probably the best in Minnesota if you ask me. The place is always clean, and the service is consistently fast by their courteous staff.  Recently, my wife told me about a Mexican restaurant that she heard about from a co-worker. My first thought was of course, no way am I trying a new spot when we can just go to Teresa’s! So, we went. We had decided on making a day of it, so we went to the movies first and got to see the newest Will Smith movie, Spies in Disguise! That is an awesome movie, but I will not go into that now as this is about food!! The restaurant is in Rosemount, MN, and is called Las Tortillas. It’s snuggled in this small strip mall located behind a Walgreens store on the Southeast corner of the intersection of County Road 42 and Shannon Parkway. The impression I got when I first saw the red bricked building was that this was not going to be a good experience. Not sure why I felt that way, but that’s what hit me at first glance. However, I did decide as we were walking across the parking lot, to keep an open mind. When we entered, there was a sign that read “Please wait to be seated”. As I looked around there were only about 3 or 4 tables that had people seated at them and there were no waitpersons in sight. As we stood there and waited, I did notice one thing that I liked right away. The kitchen was only separated from the dining area by a bar and behind that was a waist high counter, and you could see the kitchen staff preparing food. I love that open atmosphere concept, so that was a really high mark. After about 7 minutes or so, a staff member can over to us and said that we could just take a seat and they would come to our table. The dining area was not that large of an area, but the tables were situated so that there was lots of room for guests to be comfortable. There were several four-toppers and one long table that seats approx. 8 – 10 people. We took a four-seater by the window and was greeted by our waitperson a couple of minutes later. My son went with some chicken fingers and fries, my wife had a burrito with cilantro-lime rice, and I went for some enchiladas with cilantro-lime rice and refried beans. I will admit that the food was delicious!! As we were eating, and our waitperson came by to ask if we wanted refills, I asked about the restaurant’s existence. She told us that it had been in business for about 10 years and that the menu was prepared from the owner’s own family recipes from Mexico City where he was from. Now, I do still think that Teresa’s is probably the best place for some authentic Mexican food. But I will say that Las Tortillas is definitely an alternative worth checking out. The food is very good and the restaurant is clean, and those two things for me are what makes a restaurant great! 

Here is something new that I am going to start doing whenever possible, adding the web address to the places I am writing about. Here’s the address to Las Tortillas’ website:

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